Aija Reke is a violinist, chamber musician and pedagogue. She graduated Boston University (MM, 2015), USA with CFA Full Tuition Scholarship and Rotterdam Conservatory (BM, 2013) in the Netherlands. Winner of “Solo Bach Competition” at Boston University (2014), a member of Pi Kappa Lambda, American National Music Honor Society since 2015 and a recipient of the Boston Latvian Cultural Heritage award (2014). She has performed extensively in Europe and North America as a soloist, chamber musician and in numerous orchestras. Aija is a founding member of “Theia Piano Trio”, which toured in the USA. She is a violinist in “Baltic Duo” with notable Latvian flutist Ilona Kudina. The duo focuses on rare repertoire for flute and violin and popularises Latvian chamber music.

She performs regularly with ALEA III – Contemporary Music Ensemble in Residence at Boston University, as a first violinist of the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, with Boston Modern Orchestra Project and is a guest concertmaster of Wellesley Symphony Orchestra under direction of Max Hobart.

As a passionate pedagogue, she has taught in “El Sistema” program in the USA and other public and private schools. Her second instrument is baroque violin. Aija has performed with the baroque orchestra “Collegium Musicum” at the University of Toronto (Canada) among others.

Her collaboration with several composers led to multiple world premieres, including microtonal “Musings” (2013) for violin solo by Lara Poe, “double images” (2017) by Ketty Nez, “Latvian in New York” (2017) by Mārīte Dombrovska (dedicated to “Baltic Duo”) and “Dawn” (2018) by Jānis Porietis (dedicated to “Baltic Duo”).  Composer Lara Poe wrote a Violin Concerto for Aija Reke, which will premiere in 2018. Composer John Manuel Pacheco dedicated his Second Violin Sonata to Aija Reke.

“…if it weren’t for your wonderful playing of my duet I would have never thought of writing another violin sonata. At 59 pages this work is a substantial chamber music work, being longer than many violin sonatas in the repertoire including the Brahms, Debussy, and Ravel sonatas; this work contains some of my best music…. “ /J. M. Pacheco/


Dedications to Aija Reke:

Second Violin Sonata (2018) by John Manuel Pacheco

Violin Concerto (microtonal) (2017) by Lara Poe

“Dawn” (2018) for violin and flute by Jānis Porietis (for “Baltic Duo”: Aija Reke and Ilona Kudina)

“Latvian in New York” (2018) by Mārīte Dombrovska (for “Baltic Duo”: Aija Reke and Ilona Kudina)

“Moon Girl” (2016) by Mārīte Dombrovska (for flute and piano trio – dedicated to Aija Reke, “Theia Trio” and Agita Arista)

Two large scale portraits of Aija Reke with her violin (2011) by Latvian painter Dzidra Bauma




Founded in Boston in 2015, the Baltic Duo represents the identity of the two Latvian musicians and one of its main goals: to popularize chamber music written by Baltic composers.

Their wide-ranging concert repertoire goes from Baroque music to rare contemporary compositions written for the unique combination of violin and flute.

The Baltic Duo has performed in the USA and Latvia in venues such as King’s Chapel in Boston, MA, Durbe Manor in Latvia; Martin Luther’s Cathedral in Daugavpils, Latvia; the Hancock Church in Lexington, MA (as part of the Hancock Concert Series); the Latvian Lutheran Church in Yonkers, NY (as part of the Latvian Culture Days in New York); and at the Old South Church in Boston, MA (in collaboration with the “ALEA III” Contemporary Music Ensemble in Residence at Boston University).

The Baltic Duo also gave a performance and chamber music master class for El Sistema program in Somerville, MA, at the East Somerville Community School.

Composers Mārīte Dombrovska and Jānis Porietis dedicated their respective compositions “Latvian in New York” (2017) and “Dawn” (2018) to the Baltic Duo.

The Baltic Duo’s upcoming appointments include a performance at The Good Shepherd International Concert Series in Minnesota.


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